Aquatic Harvesting Solutions

It is possible to reduce or eliminate an aquatic weed through well planned management strategies.

Australian Environmental Services offer the following:

  • Large scale aquatic weed harvesting
  • Noxious weed removal and disposal
  • Noxious and Environmental herbicide spraying in aquatic and riparian situations
  • Algae removal & control services
  • Programmed waterway maintenance services

(AES holds a permit to transport noxious weeds throughout NSW)


Aquatic plants serve a variety of uses in a water system, some of which are vital to the overall health of the aquatic environment. There are numerous aquatic plants that grow in farm dams, streams and waterways and fortunately most are rarely a problem. However, when water becomes rich in nutrients aquatic plants can grow vigorously to a point where they become a nuisance or are considered a weed.


Aquatic weeds become a problem when they:

  • Blanket the entire water surface, causing oxygen depletion
  • Introduced species compete with native species and reduce biodiversity and impact on aquatic habitat
  • Increase transpiration rates.
  • Interfere with commercial and recreational activities

Before taking any action, to ensure that the most cost-effective and environmentally sound control techniques are used contact our skilled staff for an onsite consultation.