Remote Mowers

Australian Enviromental Servcies Pty Ltd are the Australian distributers for Remote Mowers LLc.

Slope mowers can cause erosion if not designed properly.  They are either designed for mowing lawns or brush on steep hills. The TRX models are primarily for giving a clean finished cut on sloped lawns up to 50° with the ability to also take on moderate brush clearing with its brush mulching deck design. Brush mowers typically use aggressive tread patterns (or spikes) to dig into the soil for traction on steep hills, while lawnmowers typically use turf friendly tread patterns to protect the turf and are not very efficient (or safe) on slopes over 20°.  The TRX is able to traverse steep hills without causing erosion because of its relatively low weight to footprint ratio (a.k.a low PSI).  
Wheels have a footprint about the size of your hand while tracks have a much larger footprint.  The key is having a near solid roller contact surface throughout the track system to lower the PSI as much as possible and not just a single row of narrow rollers seen on popular cog driven track systems that ignore the outer edges of the tracks.  Cog style track systems require aggressive, erosion causing tread patterns for adequate traction on steep hills.

Each of the TRX-28 contact points are 2 inches wide and span the entire width of the track keeping the entire track firmly planted on the ground at all times.  Each roller only puts about 40-50 pounds of pressure to the ground whereas a wheel driven slope mower can put upwards of 500-1,000 pounds of pressure per surface contact point depending on the weight of the machine. 

With each roller having a constant heavy workload, it is important to keep rolling resistance to a minimum using over sized heavy duty tapered bearings in the front and rear main rollers.  With the mower on its side most of the time, thrust loads come into play more so than typical radial loads from driving on flat ground.

When performing zero-turn maneuvers, heavy thrust loads also come into play.  

Standard ball bearings in a track driven slope mower will not last.  For the front and rear main rollers, the TRX-44-PRO uses 3" OD tapered bearings on a massive 1-1/2" shaft with grease fittings on all rollers to insure uninterrupted service year after year.  These rollers are fabricated out of thick 1/4" steel with a 2" X 5/16" rim to eliminate any chance of bending from the occasional slip or minor accident.  For the small rollers, you get solid cast iron and the drive roller is seated in a massive 2-1/2" cast iron pillow block.  

Give it all you got.  These mowers are built to last.

                          Remote Mowers, LLC truly does manufacture the best slope mowing solution the world has ever seen.